MRC Research Investigators

Dr. Greg Hilmas

Curators’ Professor of Ceramic Engineersing

B47 McNutt

Co-extrusion processing of engineered, ceramic and metal matrix composites; processing microstructure, mechanical property relationships in structural materials; ultra-high temperature ceramics; and  ceramics; and measurement of thermo-mechanical properties of materials.


Dr. Jay Switzer

Curators’ AD Castleman/FCR Endowed Professor of Chemistry

Straumanis-James Hall RM 227

Electrochemical architecture of ceramic thin films; nano-modulated ceramic super lattices; eptaxial growth; optical and electrical properties of non-stoichiometric metal oxides.

Dr. David C. Van Aken

Curators’ Professor of Metallurgical Engineering

272 McNutt Hall

Physical metallurgy, experimental and theoretical aspects of phase transformation. Expertise in rapid solidification, thermal spray processing, calorimetry and mechanical behavior of metals.