MRC Senior Research Investigators

Director of Materials Research Center  

  •     Dr. William G. Fahrenholtz, Curators' Professor of Ceramic Engineering

      • 130 Straumanis-James Hall

        • Reactive forming of ceramic-metal composites; Solution and colloidal sol-gel processing of ceramics, composites, and thin-films; Ceramic-metal interfaces and interfacial reactions; thermodynamic calculations in ceramic-metal systems; nano-composites. 



  • Dr. Richard K. Brow , Curators' Professor of Ceramic Engineering

        • 327 Straumanis-James Hall

        • Physics and chemistry of inorganic glasses; spectroscopic characterization of glass structure; preparation and properties of novel glasses for sealing and packing applications; characterization of material surfaces and interfaces.





  • Dr. Greg Hilmas , Curators' Professor of Ceramic Engineering

      • B47 McNutt

        • Co-extrusion processing of engineered, ceramic and metal matrix composites; processing microstructure mechanical property relationships in structural materials; ultra-high temperature ceramics; and measurement of thermo-mechanical properties of materials


  • Dr. Jay A. Switzer , Curators' ad Castleman / FCR Endowed Professor of Chemistry

      • 227 Straumanis-James Hall

        • Electrochemical architecture of ceramic thin films; nano-modulated ceramic super lattices; epitaxial growth; optical and electrical properties of non-stoichiometric metal oxides. 



  • Dr. David C. Van Aken , Curators' Professor of Metallurgical Engineering

      • 272 McNutt Hall

        • Physical metallurgy. Experimental and theoretical aspects of phase transformations. Expertise in rapid solidification, thermal spray processing, calorimetry and mechanical behavior of materials. 





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